Cloudike – white label DropBox


Cloudike – white label DropBox


Welcome to Cloudike, the home of BYOB policy (which stand for Bring Your Own Box).

The goal of Cloudike is to empower business and individuals to get access to privately deployed file sync and storage offering under your brand and under your control without the hassle of long development cycles. Cloudike in open source, and is available under GPL v3 license. You may choose to deploy it yourself, or with our assistance.

Key features of Cloudike:

  • Fast sync support (push-enabled, diff-based protocol)
  • Open Source
  • Powerful sharing (read-write, read-only, link), unlimited file versioning
  • Cross-platform sync client (currently compiled to Windows and Mac OSX)
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Deploy privately (BYOB) either to AWS or your own hardware (using OpenStack Swift)

Licensees and Deployments


LG Electronics recently launched LG Cloud ( using our technology.

LG Cloud was featured on CES 2013, it is currently in production, deployed in 6 datacenters across 3 regions.

Technology stack

Sub-component Base technology
Backend Python/Django
Web frontend PHP / Yii
Notifications ZeroMQ
Database MongoDB
Client apps (cross-platform) C++/QT
Object Storage Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift*

* — not available in open source

Media Praise for Cloudike UX

The cleanest and easiest interface that I have ever seen in any app of this category. works perfectly seamlessly and does exactly what it promises.

Find it, try it out and you will not be disappointed by its features!

Overall its a great solution for personalized cloud storage needs and being a multi-platform app, it can be accessed from practically any smart device out there!

Further Reference

To learn more about Cloudike, browse source code and documentation please visit


If you’d like to learn more about Cloudike features then write us at, and we’ll be glad to provide more details.