Hadoop-based Big Data


Hadoop-based Big Data


We know how to make Hadoop work for you!

As part of completing our projects, ASD Technologies specialists have acquired a deep expertise in building data warehouses based on Hadoop. We architected and deployed systems for storing large amount of data, capable of scaling out by adding more server nodes. System has the capability of parallel data processing using the Map Reduce.

Our Hadoop know-how:

  • Deployment of Hadoop/HDFS clusters
  • Organization of logs collection in real-time (from multiple DCs)
  • System of regular log analysis with analytics dash-board based on Map Reduce
  • System from ad-hoc analysis based on Hive



System developed by ASD Technologies has been successfully deployed for LG Electronics for storage and analysis of LG Cloud logs (www.lgecloud.com).


If you have Big Data warehousing needs, please write us at sales@asdtech.co, we will be happy to assist you.