Cloud-enabled NAS


Cloud-enabled NAS

Client: Hitachi

For Hitachi we have performed integration of Cloud storage based on Cloudike platform with network-attached storage device (NAS). During this project out specialists have developed a service of partial synchronization of NAS contents with user’s Cloud storage account.

To broad range of access points, client applications for Android, iPhone, SmartTV and PC where developed.

One exciting feature of developed client applications was the mode of direct connection to the NAS leveraging the UP hole punching technology.

Once integration was complete, system was comprised of following components:

  • Cloud storage based on Cloudike
  • System to transcode video for mobile client compatibility
  • Preview of photos and videos
  • Built-in NAS synchronization service
  • Client apps for Android, iPhone, SmartTV and PC

Technologies involved: Django, Python, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Hive, PHP, Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, ELB, CloudWatch, Java, C/C++.