MegaDisk Personal Cloud


MegaDisk Personal Cloud

Client: MegaFon

ASD Technologies have deployed Cloudike platform for one of top mobile operators in Russia MegaFon. MegaDisk is available to over 60 million of MegaFon subscribers.

Cloudike User Experience translated into superior end-user traction performance: large share of subscribers using service on weekly and daily basis.

Deployment consisted of following steps:

  • Platform set-up
  • Authentication/Authorization integration (using MegaFon OAuth)
  • Billing integration (including micro-billing and automatic premium conversion)
  • Pre-launch testing (including load-tests)
  • Post-launch 24/7 support

To ensure stable operation we applied such techniques as sharding, geo-balancing, session-level load balancing, distributed application queues.

With the help of our system engineers MegaDisk was launched and is currently operational in Russia.

Service web-site (Russian-only) –