LG Cloud Consumer Storage


LG Cloud Consumer Storage

Client: LG Electronics

ASD Technologies have developed server components for a system of consumer file storage LG Cloud. Our specialists have been working closely with managers from LG Electronics in Korea to ensure effective project communication.

During project following components where developed:

  • RESTful API for client applications
  • Manager of user files and folders
  • Multimedia navigation system
  • De-duplication of user files
  • System for restoring deleted user files
  • System for storage and analysis of system logs based on Hadoop
  • Administrator interface for the system

System was deployed in Amazon Web Services Cloud infrastructure in 3 regions across the world and 6 datacenters with support for datacenter-level disaster recovery without any downtime requirement.

To ensure stable operation we applied such techniques as sharding, geo-balancing, session-level load balancing, auto-scaling and distributed application queues.

With the help of our system engineers LG Cloud was launched and is currently operational in USA, Korean and Russia.

Service web-site – www.lgecloud.com
Technologies involved in the project: Django, Python, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Hive, PHP, Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, ELB, CloudWatch.